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    A Review of The Red Smoothie Detox Factor System by Liz Swann-Miller

    Does this program really work to achieve healthy and fast weight loss results?

  • What Exactly Is This Smoothie Program?

    This system is designed to help you lose weight and improve your overall health, mental clarity and energy levels. The results come from combining several different foods in specific ways and consuming them as smoothies, which you follow as a step-by-step plan each day. This isn't a workout program - no physical exercise is involved.


    The principles used in this system are based on discovers the author, Liz, made while on vacation in Peru. She learned that the locals would routinely drink these smoothies made from a particular and unusual recipe, and that this lead to impressive levels of overall health along with fairly quick weight loss. Some customers on the program have reported losing up to five pounds per week for the first month - after that the rate of weight loss tends to slow down. 


    There's further explanation about how the program came to be in this video from Liz.



  • About Liz Swann-Miller

    Who is the person who created the Red Smoothie Detox Factor?

    Liz is a fairly well know health and nutrition expert. She specializes in juicing and smoothies as a way to achieve weight loss, improve the immune system and overall wellbeing. She's been an Amazon bestseller in this category and also has private coaching clients who she helps with weight loss. This smoothie system was first tested on Liz's clients - the results were very positive, so she created it as a public product.

  • What Is Included In The Red Smoothie Detox Factor System?

    We went through the product - here's exactly what you get if you purchase...

    The program starts out with an overview of how it works, the benefits you can expect and what realistic expectations are. Basically, this says that if you follow the program closely and stick with it then you can expect to lose weight, feel better day-to-day and also be more clear headed/mentally alert. In this section there is also a short discussion of some common health and weight loss myths, and mention of mistakes you may currently making which halt your weight loss.


    The next part of the system looks closely at the actual smoothies which you'll me making and drinking. Included are simple instructions to make them, along with when to take them and why. Each specific ingredient is also explained, so you know why you're buying them and what they add to the actual drink. This section was quite insightful, but also fairly brief. In the end it does get the job done of telling you what to buy, how to make the drinks and the logic/science behind why. You also get a full 14-day follow along smoothie blueprint - we liked this as it leaves no room for guessing or confusion about what you should be eating and drinking each day. Just follow along.


    These bonus ebooks are also included with the program (the shopping guide is our favorite):


    – Whole Body Guide to Healthy Shopping

    – Ultimate Super Food Guide

    – 100 Great Tasting Green Recipes for Smoothie Fat Loss


    This this link for an intro video that gives more details about exactly what you get


    In the next section of this Red Smoothie Detox Factor review we'll look at what they foods are in these recipes and how they benefit weight loss/overall health.



  • Red Smoothie Detox Factor Foods & Recipes

    The unique combinations of foods in these smoothies are important. Here are the 4 key ingredients you'll be using if you go through the program...

    Chia Seeds

    Contains the GOOD fats

    Chia seeds are a great source of those 'good' fats you always hear about, but no one really makes much of an effort to eat. Well, Omega-3 fats are essential to health and effective weight loss, and Chia provides them. These seeds are a great protein source as well.


    Vitamin source and natural energy boost

    Maca is very rich in Vitamins B & C, as well as providing zinc, iron, magnesium and plenty of amino acids. It is strongly link with women's health and is known to increase energy as well as sex drive.


    Healthy with a delicious flavor

    Vanilla is known as a natural stress reliever. It is also one of the healthiest tasty flavorings available.


    Makes you live longer...

    Cocoa's main benefit is the huge dose of anti-oxidants it provides - one of the main reasons it is strongly linked with longer lifetimes for people who consume it regularly in its pure form. Also linked with improved heart health.

    Anti-oxidant Rich Fruits and Leafy Greens

    For taste an an extra health boost...

    Various fruits and veggies are included in the recipes to give them an excellent nutritional profile, along with a naturally sweet taste and also some color.


    It is the specific combinations of the ingredients listed in this section which Liz claims are responsible for the weight loss effects and health improvements these smoothies deliver.


    Click to learn more about the specific foods in a short clip from Liz

  • Final Thoughts - Is It Worth Buying Liz Swann-Miller's Smoothie Diet Or Not?

    A summary of our experience with this program

    The Good Points

    - It worked for us :) after23 days, which is how long we followed the Red Smoothie Detox System for, we've noticed weight loss for sure. However definitely not the 5 pounds per week some customers have mentioned - it is closer to 2 pounds per week. We're sure results vary for everyone though.


    - You'll learn how to eat in a balanced way that not only promotes weight loss, but also better health and wellbeing.


    - You'll feel a lot more alert and energized following the program


    - Everything in the system is actually backed by science, and there are a lot of customer success stories to go along with that. Click to see some customer stories here

    The Bad Points

    - No exercise information included. We've always been of the option that effective weight loss is the combined result of exercise and a sensible eating plan


    - There is no physical copy of the book You'll get PDF downloads, but will need to either print them out or read them on the computer


    - The content could be a little longer, however it is to the point and contains all the necessary information to get results

  • Get It For The Lowest Price Anywhere Online

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